"Emilia" Evening Bag - Special Edition
"Emilia" Evening Bag - Special Edition
"Emilia" Evening Bag - Special Edition

"Emilia" Evening Bag - Special Edition

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This special edition custom handbag is a collector's item. We are always keen to try new designs and details and this purse is full of new techniques:

1). The body detail was created by carefully slicing very thin layers from small blocks of hybrid acrylic (turquoise and pearl white), essentially hand cutting veneers.  From there the pieces were painstakingly book-matched to create the "mirror image" triangular effect and then inlaid into the Black Costello veneer.

2). The top edge is pearl white hybrid acrylic with a silver/black clasp. The details in these mimic the triangular body detail.

3). The handle is made of over 30 hand turned hybrid acrylic "beads", each one drilled, sanded and polished individually before assembling on a soft wire. Note: the handle is very structured but can be shaped into subtle soft curves.

  •  Size: 8" W x 7" H x 2.5" D
  • Body: Black Dyed Costello veneer with hybrid acrylic inlay combined with Eco-friendly veneers
  • Top edge: Pearl White hybrid acrylic
  • Hybrid acrylic clasp in Silver/Black
  • Leather gussets in turquoise. Beaded hybrid acrylic strap (approx 16")
  • Includes a stand for display when not using
  • Signed by the artists Sharon Hammill Diebolt and Mark Titus Diebolt
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