Our story

Our collaboration as designers/artists in the medium of wood began more than 35 years ago. Having both been schooled in the arts, we decided early on in our relationship to pursue a life together creating beautiful yet functional works of art. Our previous collections include jewelry boxes, clocks, and small studio furniture sold primarily through American Craft Galleries.

As designers and artists we are always imagining new designs and concepts to create in wood. In 2008 we had a "Eureka" moment: Wood Handbags! With our extensive knowledge in veneer work, we knew we could use the skills we had honed over many years to design and create exquisite yet lightweight wearable art. Our designs are influenced by the classic aesthetics of the1930's and 1940's but with our own contemporary flair. Three years later, after developing the designs and mastering the technical concept we launched our new line of clutches, handbags, and minaudieres. The line was an instant success!

While there are many, many handbags in the marketplace the one element that sets our handbags apart is the incredibly lightweight and highly figured wood veneer used in creating these beautiful purses. Because wood veneer is a natural element, no two purses are ever exactly alike. When you purchase one of our handmade purses, you are truly acquiring an individual piece of artwork - one that you can wear forever!

We are always adding to our line of handbags, clutches, and minaudieres so check back frequently or join our mailing list for updates!