Care Instructions

To care for your purse, wipe periodically with a soft, clean, dry cloth. DO NOT use "Pledge" or any other topical spray wax or cleaner.  If it rains or snows, the moisture will bead up on the surface of your purse; dry off as soon as possible.

Keep your purse away from damp basements or rooms, intense sunlight, and any high intensity light or heat source.  Optional: if you need to renew the luster of the wood, a thin coat of "Minwax" paste polishing wax (clear, NOT tinted) may be applied and then buffed by hand.

When traveling with your purse, it is best to pack in the cloth bag and bubble bag that came with your purse and store in your carry-on bag.  If you absolutely must pack in your suitcase, pack LIGHTLY.   DO NOT pack in a suitcase that will receive heavy downward pressure.

Our purses are quite durable. That being said, the nature of the materials used creates a structured purse.  DO NOT sit on your purse!